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  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

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    Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

    I can best describe Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) as a model for healing issues associated with trauma.and unhealthy attachment experiences. It relies on the gentle collaboration between client and therapist. Unlike therapies that focus on the influence of cognitive thoughts on core beliefs and behaviors, SP utilizes the uniqueness of the whole person in the healing process.

    SP is a helpful methodology for treating issues related to Trauma and Attachment, like:

    *Anxiety *Emotionally intense reactions *Post-traumatic Stress symptoms *Hopelessness *Feeling disconnected from self and the world *Difficulty enjoying life *Relationship wounds * Abandonment or separation between primary caregiver and child *Problems keeping jobs, friendships, relationships *Negative beliefs about ability to be successful

    By noticing the subtle signals from body movements, physical posture, basic senses and our experience in the present moment our deep healing can be realized.

    Change for the client occurs through confidence in the wisdom of the internal system to promote healing. The SP Therapist brings a sense of curiosity to the process; thus inviting growth resulting in change.

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