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  • Counseling or Coaching. Which is Right for You?

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    Counseling and coaching are similar in many ways. A helping relationship exists between the counselor or coach and the individual seeking their help. Counseling and coaching both work with the individual to change behavior and thought patterns that block success. A counselor and coach may use the same techniques in their work. Both employ goals and monitor outcomes to measure improved success. Both counselor and coach seek to liberate the individual, empowering them to be their best self.

    Some of the differences between counseling and coaching are listed in the chart below.

     Focus on past and/or present events Focus on present and/or future goals
     Focus on emotional healing, change and recovery goals Focus on specific personal or professional goals
     Reactive to past or present concerns Proactive
     Help with life problems, past/present traumas, overwhelming issues Help with life transitions, career and performance concerns
     Help with present work/school or relationship stressors Help making life choices
    Clinical mental health diagnosis/disorders No clinical mental health diagnosis/disorders
     Outcome measurements are more “internal” or subjective Outcome measurements are more “external” or objective
     Session fees may be paid by client or covered by their health insurance carrier Session fees are paid by client
     Must be licensed by the state in which they practice Does not require licensure in most states
     Requires master level graduate degree or higher Does not require a college degree