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    You Are the Reason I’m Here

    You are important! You are unique. Whether we work together 1 to 1, with your partner or as a group, my approach is based on your needs. Together, we’ll sort out the things that hold you back while making a way forward toward your goals.


    Counseling is the skill and art of helping people resolve personal, relationship, social, work, and wellness challenges. This professional relationship enables individuals, couples & families to achieve greater satisfaction in life.


    Tele-counseling is AVAILABLE through Pinnacle Counseling. Online LIVE audiovisual telehealth services are a convenient solution when can’t make it to the office for your session or if you prefer it to in-person sessions. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone to connect with me.

    Living With the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Our office will continue to operate using both in-person and telehealth sessions based on your individual preferences. The generous office space allows an appropriate social distance. Telehealth technology facilitates a convenient and effective connection for therapy.

    Collectively, throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have endured continuous assaults on our sense of security and safety. The impact on our Mental Health Wellness may not fully be known for years to come. 

    Many have become battle weary. The stress of isolation, public fear, and uncertainty have been overwhelming. We grieve what was lost. Our resilience has been tested. We are homesick for the days before 2020 when life had fewer worries. Wisdom says we can’t go back. 

    Now, as we adapt to surges and new variants, we each try to find our “new” normal. At the same time, we need to think about how we have been affected individually.


    Professional Consulting services focus on the development of new programs & efficient processes for teams and groups. Services are tailored to your needs. I am available for speaking engagements.