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  • 3 Keys to a Successful Counseling Experience

    Some have asked about the “3C” that is part of my domain name and its relevance to my practice. This is my explanation.

    Each “C” represents a quality I believe we all possess. These qualities are also key to a successful Counseling/Therapy experience.

    Courage – You show courage by beginning a search for a therapist. It IS a courageous act to schedule an appointment. It is another act of courage to keep the appointment. Courage builds when we make courageous acts and will continue to build as the therapeutic relationship develops. Courage allows you to risk being vulnerable with your therapist at YOUR pace. And everyone’s pace is different.

    Compassion – Some of us are great at self-compassion and critical of others. Often clients are uber-patient and overly generous with others; but “speak” to themselves in highly scornful and demeaning words. Words they would never say to another person. Therapy helps clients acquire a realistic balance of self-compassion and empathy for the important people in their world.

    Confidence – Most of us are confident in our ability to do some things but terrified of others. You likely come into Therapy with an idea of what you want to gain from the experience. This experience will also improve your confidence in multiple areas. As confidence grows, your goals will also come closer to your grasp. As you become confident in yourself, those goals change. That’s okay. It isn’t unusual to learn that what we thought we wanted isn’t what we needed.