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  • Christian Counseling

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    I offer the integration of Christianity in therapy for my clients who request it. The counseling space is a place of non-judgemental acceptance where we can openly discuss and question life’s challenges from a Christian belief and value system. 

    Not everyone shares my worldview and that is okay. For my Practice, faith based Christian Counseling is voluntary. I make no presumptions or assumptions about the faith, values and beliefs of my clients who do not request it.

    I am a lay-person who has experienced my own challenges before and after becoming a follower of Jesus Christ as a young adult. It is not my purpose as a therapist to evangelize or proselytize. It is my desire to respond to the invitation when a client initiates the subject.

    Clients who practice their Christian faith often find it to be a comforting resource in their therapeutic journey. I often observe not only psychological growth and greater mental well-being, but also a deepening of my client’s relationship with God.

    Frequently, individuals raised in the faith begin to question Christianity’s place in their lives. They may view religion as legalistic or irrelevant. Others have experienced authorities in their lives as harsh, punishing, disinterested, or absent. The negative quality of such a relationship with a parent-figure can contribute to a guarded connection with God. If you see yourself in these descriptions I hope you will feel comfortable sharing it with me. You are welcome to express your doubts and questions without judgement.

    A word to those who have been spiritually abused by a member of the clergy, a church leader, a parent, a partner, or a religious organization. I want you to know I have not forgotten the betrayal of faith you have experienced. 

    You may have been spiritually abused if:

    > you were shamed, insulted, belittled, ridiculed, or threatened as a method to control your actions or beliefs

    > coercion was used to manipulate your participation in a specific action or belief

    abusive behaviors were minimized or rationalized using scripture or beliefs

    your actions or beliefs were micromanaged so that you were not allowed to speak your own free-will

    > you were forbidden to speak to others about your experiences

    The code of silence is difficult to break. I encourage you to find a trusted and discerning person to help you know the truth of your experiences

    If you feel comfortable, I am here to walk the journey with you.